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Oks, So for as long as I remember in my adulthood, I could never run, Like, I could run if I needed to, but regardless if it was 100 meters or a couple kilometres the next day or three I would pull up lame, back pain, sciatic nerve pain, you name it, I felt it. Hiking or walking not an issue, weight lifting, not an issue (if I didn't over load my back haha).
So after being diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis late last year (after the freaking out stage) things started to make sense with my physical condition and how my body reacted to certain activities. Now being on treatment for that disease and it entering a state of remission, I started to test the waters late last year with workouts and running to see how my body would react. December I did some running and working out and felt good, This year I was determined to run as much as possible.

Jan: 40kms
Feb: 55kms
Mar: 19.5kms
Apr: 29.5kms
May: 9kms
June: 32kms
July: 8.3kms
Aug: 17kms
Sep; 0 kms
Oct: 3.2kms

So at the start of the year I felt amazing, I was using Duro and my treatment was working great, I was told to expect a dip in march (from my treatment) which did happen but then I sorter bounced back for April, May I think I had a bit of a leg/calf injury and again bounced back for June. I think with July and August I had a lot go work and overtimes happening and then September I was on holidays. I got pretty sick during September and had a lot of home projects happening and training fell by the wayside, October was similar and I was then back at work. Which gets me to now, November. I realised my basic goal of trying to run every month had passed me by, I had seen some friends complete 5k a day for 30 days challenges and I thought that looked like something cool to do, to kick my butt back into running.
However 5ks was outa my reach, so I thought id have a go at doing 3k a day for 30days and go from there.

Today is day 19, and I have not missed a single day running. Each day presents its own unique challenge, however motivation has not been an issue, its more been on timing, planning, battling through tiredness and little sniffles etc. I have ran 55kms this month thus far, which was my max kms I have ever done in a month, and I have 11 days to go!
This month, being honest, I have not really been super strict on my food, as I'm more focused on completing this challenge and running every day. I have been hovering around the 97-99kgs


Dear @Rob84 , 55 km is a great result! :heart_eyes: It is your personal victory!
You should be proud of yourself!
Hi @Rob84 ! Any news on your journey? :heart_eyes:

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