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So my last check in was late September.

Weight: 95kgs (today) 93.35kgs 91.25kgs!!!
body fat % - 23.9% 23.6% 23%
body water - 55.5% 55.7% 56.2%
BF Weight - 22.7kgs 22.1kgs 21kgs
Bone % - 8.2% 8.1% 8.1%

Last week was a very labour intensive week, i think i may have touched on a plateau as I'm basically hovering on the 92kgs mark which is the lightest i have ever been! this week 10 days. There have been a couple social events which i did relax on eating which is fine. Will be focusing and bunking down on the diet as i want to try and touch on the 90s by months end, but im not beating myself up about it! Ive now had to cut all new holes in all my belts!! which was pretty cool! So many people are noticing now which is nice also! I even had an acquaintance ask if i was 'sick'! hahah which i found hilarious!
Hope your all well! Keep fighting those little battles! all those little victories add up!

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Hey dear! My biggest hugs and congratulations on getting the lightest weight you've ever been! You did it, yeaaah!:sun::party:

Ahaha, I know what you mean by telling about all those people, who keep asking: 'Are you sick? What's going on with you?' :grinning: At these moments it seems like everyone wants the old version of you back. But no-no-no:yum

I keep my fingers crossed for you:heart:

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