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Alrighty, Being completely honest, this time around I find the dieting so much easier, I think its because we are not treating it like classic 'dieting', we are both meal prepping together most evenings for the next day, talking about the foods and what they are made of etc, and just being more aware of what's in the foods and what we are focusing on etc.
I haven't been exercising in the gym or running as such because life has been super busy, but i also set a personal goal of hitting 95kgs before i get back into the gym, to try and avoid levelling out, its given me a decent goal and also shows me that its not all about the training, but what you put in your body.
The numbers. Compared to the last numbers i logged on here.
98 Kgs. Today: 96.55 Kgs
body fat % - 25.2% 24.3%
body water -54.6% 55.2%
BF Weight - 25.5kgs. 23.5kgs
Bone % -8.3% 8.2%

So im not far from hitting 95kgs which is cool! once i do, ill be doubling down with more focus on diet and getting into the gym, I really want to hit that 90s mark!
Having the wifey doing Keto aswell has made life so much easier and we are both basically loosing 1kg a week.
We are not using Duromine, but i thought id keep sharing my journey and yeah, go from there!


Good results, Rob! I also tell my clients that it's super important to change your eating habits too to get where you want to be.

I wish you to achieve the goals you put. Fingers crossed!:sun:
Hi @Rob84,

Glad to see another blog post from you. :sun: Wow, you've managed to lose some kilograms and fat without Duromine! Congratulations!
It's amazing when you have support from your family members. I believe you can achieve everything, encouraging each other to stay healthy, eat good food, and tend to become a better version of yourself.

The Keto diet also helped me some time ago when I was taking Duromine. What I really love about this diet, is that it's not a diet at all :grinning: You eat healthy products, stay full and still lose weight.

How do you feel now? Did you and your wife manage to lose some more kilos?

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