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Hi Everyone

I am a week into actively working out to look good and make the best out of Duromine.
I've been off Duromine for a week or so, cause the pharmacy was out of stock.
My body/mouth is still craving at least 2litres of water of day which I am happy about so the good* side effects are still keeping me in check with bursts of energy that also encourage me going to gym!

Eating is alright I just get super hungry after gym and I'm trying to channel my appetite towards good food.
Since I started I've lost 6kgs! for the month of August, so I'm sitting at 92kgs my next target 88kgs seems small but I won't overreach in order not to hate myself when I don't reach it.

My end target weight is 80kgs this is by October end.
The journey is long still but I am actually enjoying the lifestyle change
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