Day 3 and I'm not hungry!

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So yesterdays gym session went pretty well, nothing hardcore by any means, but i knocked out a 1 k row to get my body warm and then did a 1.25 K jog at an average pace. Finished it all off with some 15 kg goblet squats. My feet are feeling pretty good considering, little niggles but totally manageable.

I was happy to wake up this morning and not feel hungry, usually when i get up i feel like I'm starving, like crazy starving! So then i usually rush a shower, change and eat on the road,, which is always bad. However this morning, trying to break that habit, I ignored the tuck shop and the fast foods and got straight to work and once i 'felt' hungry i had a cup of muesli with milk and a yogurt cup. I have to make this change, I know 100% this has been my undoing over the last 16 months, grabbing a red-bull and some hot food from the tuck-shop or grab a maccas breakfast on the drive into work, I know by stopping all that intake of excess calories will absolutely help me loose weight and keep it off. I've got to stop saying 'ah fuck it' and look after myself by eating more responsibly and stop comfort eating.
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Another little run 1.35 k and a 1 k row, clean lunch, my role today at work has alot of walking involved and I've already crack 10 K steps. Getting on it.

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