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Hi, sorry to hear it hasn't been working. I don't eat carbs at all, once in a while I will have a slice of sourdough bread but that's it (and I LOVE my carbs). I only have fruit for breakfast as I have never been a big breakfast eater. No soft drink, alcohol or snacks. This may sound hard but because I don't feel hungry, its not.....and I did eat a bit of cake the other day for my birthday and felt sick.
Hope you find something that works for you soon.

oh and I do 4 boxing (high cardio) classes a week
Your biggest mistake is you are not eating enough. Sounds crazy right! Your body is right now in starvation mode, so any thing you eat your body will hang onto! And it will store it because it doesn't know when it's next feed will come from. You need to eat 4-6 meals per day (it's called grazing) it it the most effective way to speed up your motabalism. Right now it is not working or it's very sluggish because you are not adding energy (food, healthy food). Are you exercising?
Carbs are ok, but you need to burn it off as energy in the gym or preferred exercise, it simply goes to fat storage if not burnt as an energy aid. Diets don't work, try and simply add changes to your eating habits that are beneficial to your body. In other words start being accountable for what you eat, I used to eat and not realise what I was really eating, and I couldn't explain why I wasn't losing the weight. Wasn't until I really became aware of what I put into my mouth that it became apparent how much processed stuff I was eating. It's fairly easy to convince ourselves that we are eating well when in fact we aren't.
If you start eating right (salads, nuts, oats, fruit, chicken, beef, veggies) you will in a week or two find that you will drop the weight. But make yourself eat 4-6 times a day and get into that habit because if you don't and you haven't been eating right and exercising, you will (without a doubt) put the pounds back on and more!
But hey, only you can decide if you want to change? Make it a lifestyle change not a quick fix diet, that will never work.
Rock on, stay fab :)
Wow! Can't add anything more to what you've said Lanny!
Thank you for sharing your thoughts, because some people need a kick, not pity words that never help.

I keep saying that weight loss is a lifetime struggle. You cannot start a diet, pills, exercises and then stop after having achieved the desired result. This way all the weight comes back and even more, that is a fact.

We must teach our bodies to eat for living not live for eating.
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I find it quite difficult to prepare healthy meals for the whole family - they like their fatty, fried food and are fortunate enough not to worry about weight!

A great (quick and easy) recipe I tried:

Marinate skinless chicken breasts in buttermilk with paprika and spice of your choice - few hours or overnight.

Bash corn flakes (you get low fat ones or just use the regular) in a bag until fine.

Add chicken, shake to coat.

Spray oven pan with non stick spray and bake for 30min.

VERY delicious, just like fried chicken without any fat!:laughing:

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What a great recipe!
Love it!
Paprika (curry powder yumm) and some garlic would add delicious taste.

Here's my contribution to Audrey's 'Healthy chicken':

Mix: tuna, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, capsicum, cucumber, dressing: good olive oil mixed with few drops of balsamic vinegar.

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Hi guys

My name is Danielle, I am 25 years old from Perth.

I was taking duromine for a little while late last year, but I wasn't consistent with taking the tablets and following a meal plan so I went off it completely. I am going to Europe for 2 months on the 8th of September to celebrate my graduation from my double degree at university,and I would love to be able to feel beautiful, confident and not just sit on the beach fully clothed (as I usually do).

Height- 177cm
Weight on Monday- 85.6kgs
Goal Weight by holiday- 72kg
Goal Weight long term- 68kg

One of the reasons I stopped taking it last time was that I would occasionally get the most debilitating migraines. I hope that doesn't happen again!

Can anyone who has had good weight loss results please advise what they eat/drink in a normal day?

Here goes nothing!
Hi Daniela, I was on the 30mg for 2 months, and had all sorts of bad side effects, including migraines. I switched to the 15mg, and it is really going great, so if your migraines flare up again that is something you may consider - also water helps a lot.

My starting weight was 95kg
Current weight 82kg
Goal weight 65kg (still have a long way to go..........):confused:

Normally I have a cup of coffee in the morning with milk and sugar, breakfast eggs (boiled or scrambled) with low GI 1 slice toast and cottage cheese and tomatoes.

Lunch I am bad, and often skip, or have a salad (tuna, leftover meat or just neat), sometimes a sandwich (I do not think that is too good thougho_O)

Dinner is whatever the family is having, just try to keep the portions smaller.

Drinking diet soda now and then, lots of water and a glass of red wine in the evening - I water it down with ice, so then I get to have 2! Half with ice and another half with ice:laughing:

Not sure if I am doing it right, I am sure there is lots of room for improvement, but \I know when I started I also wanted to know what the other ladies were eating.

Good luck!!!!!
I discovered chicken mince - just ask you butcher to do that for you.

Instead of beef mince that is high in fat, use the chicken mince instead. \It tastes great!
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Hi, I'm 34, mom of 3 (aged 6, 4, 2), South African.
Still breastfeeding, and need to wean baby now, so I can start.
But first, have to go for blood test to rule out diabetis.
Once liver and breastfeeding is sorted, want to start.
I have about 20kgs to lose, but would be thrilled after 10kgs.
Problem area: tum,bum,thighs. But mostly tummy.
Current weight: 92kg
Height: 1,7m
Short term goal: 80kg (12kg off and maintained, by Dec 2014)
Goal weight: 75kg (17kg off off and maintained, by Jun 2015)
I can maintain that, Tummy Tuck by Dec 2015.
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Thanks for your reply Tania and congratulations on your fantastic achievement so far! Its a long and bumpy road for me too don't worry!
Just returned from my Doctor. My blood-results shows that I am insullen-resistant, and I am going to be taking a tablet to correct this. We spoke about Duromine, and he says I will be able to take it along with my "sugar"-tablet, so gave me a repeat script for both, for 6 months.

I also got the tablets (two tiny tablets) to dry up the breastmilk. These 2 tablets cost me R230 - freak out !!! But the milk should dry up in two days time, and then I can start on the Duromine and new healty eating habbits. (Reducing sugars and carbs - advised by Doctor not so much as a weight-loss benefit, but more so as a corrective action for the glucuse/blood-sugar issue).

Bought some goodies to keep at work, so that I have healthy foods on hand. Pro-vita biscuits, cucumber, pine-apple, yoghurt, soy-linseed low GI bread, butter (for the omega oils), and diet-juice concentrate, just to add a dash to my water. It helps me to drink much more water.

My doctor strongly recommended that I don't take the Duromine on weekends, so that my body does not build up resistance to it, as some patients found. So, I will effectively start taking Duromine from Monday to Friday, and taking a break on weekends. Can't wait!
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Looks like you are prepared perfectly!
Well, good luck then and record your results to see the changes.
My advice to you: do not weigh yourself too often.
Good luck Chelsea!
Thank you - I will track my progress and update, perhaps once a week.
BTW - Hubby was at the Doctor with me, and is seriously considering joining me on the Duromine effort! He is the same height as me (1,7m) and weighs 115kg. Doc told him it would do him good to follow the same diet. He suffers from Gout, and takes medication for high blood pressure and an inactive thyroid, but Doc seems happy with him using Duromine as well. His blood pressure is under control with the medication he takes.
Good luck Chelsea, you obviously thought it through, planned well and are doing it all under the care of your doctor. Well done:)
Hi all, I was just reading through and some people have massive loses in the first 2/4 weeks, I was just wondering what some of you eat on a daily basics? I'm eating a banana for breaky a yougart for lunch and a salad or a chicken and salad wrap with a small amount of cheese for tea, I have been told by a friend that she thinks I'm not eating enough to lose weight :/ but I'm feeling pretty good and full after eating that.
Yes, you feel good when eating that amount. But your body is like a machine - counting the calories all the time. When there is lack of calories the body "saves" some deposits just in case (from every single piece of food you put in your mouth)). Therefore you don't lose much weight. But if you are eating on a schedule, small meals plenty of proteins, carbs and vitamins, your body works in a normal regime. And no excess calories are stored as fat tissue anymore. Common mistake - the less I eat, the more I lose. Depends on what kind of food you eat.

The main meal - breakfast. It should contain protein and carbs. This meal is fully digested, your body needs a fuel in the morning so it burns all of these calories. (eggs, oatmeal, jam toast are recommended). Sometimes you need to force yourself to eat, but you need it.

Lunch - here salads and fruit are good. Add some fish, turkey, soft white cheese, cottage cheese with fruit, etc.

Dinner - better a light one. (chicken broth+chicken meat, veggies, or yogurt if you feel full).
Don't forget little snacks like nuts and a fruit.

Just sit one day and make a week menu. The dishes may be the same every week, just change the ingredients.

The good thing about Duromine is its appetite suppression effect. But everybody needs to charge his batteries, otherwise you will get nothing more than metabolic imbalance. Plus, it will be much easier for you to keep the same regime after you finish the pills. Because when pills are no longer in your system your appetite and your old eating habits are back.

I hope this helps, and I hope you will make the right conclusion.
Ps. I know this whole cooking takes much time, but you can prepare everything in the evening and the next day just take it with you at work. Use small containers and take them with you. This way you will avoid temptations to buy some junk food on the way to work or other place. Anyway your weight loss is worth it.
Good luck!:)
Hi, thanks heaps for the advice I am trying to eat a bit more as of today but at the same time trying to eat healthy. Breaky I had a banana chopped up and mixed it in with my yougart. Lunch a salad with half a chicken breast chopped up, I couldn't eat all the salad i was so full I felt like I was going to be sick. But I'm going to keep trying to eat at least 3 meals a day.
SW - 92kg
CW - 88kg
GW - 80kg (Short term)
GW - 75kg (Long term)
When I try really hard, I manage to eat less than 0 carbs a day, and have had to replace my belt - as the one I was using has become just too big, and my pants won't stay up.
Jikes - this is exciting!
The scale doesn't really impress me as much as the fit of my pants does!
Hi Chelsea, I am considering duro and was wondering how you're doing. I see you started not too long ago. Also, what did the doc prescribe for insulin resistance? I have the same problem but had no idea you get meds for it! Maybe I should change doctors... :-/
Hoping to hear from you soon!!
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