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Jan 13, 2017
One month on Duromine is your first significant achievement. It's a great time to look back and see how your life has changed. Did you imagine that you could stay on track for so long? ;)

I think you never expected that your eating habits could change so much! You still have a boost of energy which helps you to exercise and stay physically active.

However, some people don't exercise in the right way. Did you know that treadmill workouts are not suitable for your body? You'd better choose activities which combine lots of movements and strength exercises. Give it a burl!

What are the main worries of the ‘Duromine Month One’?

Maybe you've lost not so much as expected? A loss is still a loss, and it's always better than gain. Don't watch others' results! Weight loss is a very individual thing. Remember that measurements are always better than weigh-ins. People sharing their stories here say they lost only 4-5 kilos, but it looks more in cm or dress size.

Some people face the problem of misunderstanding in their families. Of course, your home mates may worry about seeing your changes. They got used to the old version of you.

This thread is about all this, including weekly updates and the month's regime.
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yummy mummy on the way go girl.
I also have three kids in victoria australia I hear your pain make time for everyone else except yourself! time for a change
Thanks kyrewyn, your right we always put every else's needs before our own bt there comes a time when you realise our own health and happiness is just as important as everyone elses health and happiness.

Goodluck on your journey!
I started duromine with my sisters prescription because I was not overweight. I was still classified 'healthy'. However, over the past year due to depression and issues I was undergoing... I had an eating disorder. I could go a day without eating and by the next I would eat anything I see without even realising. I would over-eat all the time!!!! It became apart of my life. FOOD! Seemed to be the only thing that was making me happy. BAD food. I Put on 15kg so FAST. My clothes didn't fit. Everyone threw comments, especially these past few months. It was so noticable. I wasn't comfortable going out, I wore clothes that covered my fat. I was so ashamed, everyone used to compliment me on my body and I would look through old photos and just cry! but then I would just eat more? I know, that does not make sense. So my sister was prescribed duromine because she is overweight and I asked her if i could go on it for a few days.

So we halved the supply of 40mg! strongest level... So i barely ate at first. I was on it for 10 days and lost like 7kg even though the last few days I ate so much! I wasn't exersizing either, was just working non-stop. balancing 2 jobs. Prior to taking duromine I started gym about a month before and attempted to eat healthy, didn't lose that much and I couldn't wait anymore i was so eager. So after the 10 days of duromine I ate so much i put on 7 kilos in 2 weeks. So i started duromine again 12 days ago I eat and sometimes I don't. But i have had takeaway and junk which is bad. also after big meals I drink a glass of Colon herbal tea which is for constipation & weight loss.. So i can go to the bathroom. Because duromine made me constipated the first time. So from yesterday I decided not to eat any bad foods, So i went the whole day with having only a pear. And today just tuna. But I drink 2-3L of water everday.

And I have been excersizing. I need to lose 8kg in 2 weeks because I have a wedding and I need to fit into the dress I don't want to put the weight on when i get off. I just want to be skinny again. I want to start a new healthy lifestyle. I know I can lose 8 or more in 2 weeks if i barely eat, and when I do only healthy food. But I don't want to pile it on after? After the 2 weeks, I'll still have just under 1 week of duromine left, I want to eat normal then at least 5 small meals and excersize a lot. To get my body ready for when I'm off it. I have to make sure I reach my goal! I am so uncomfortable with myself....... I look pregnant no joke. I'm so bloated because I have a small body frame I just bloat and that's why it is so obvious! I have had the worst experiences and year this year that will harm me forever. I let myself go, I put on weight, had the worst skin, never took care of myself. I was on the verge of suicide. Now i'm back on track, I started using ProActiv and in only a few days there has been a massive improvement. I just want to be how I used to be.. Happy with myself, comfortable. I don't know what to do anymore, my sister who was overweight is like my weight now and shes still losing when shes on it and when she isn't. I know i have a problem, I actually think I am sick! I will not stop till I am my goal weight. :(
Sorry i have only skimmed over half of your post.....have a toddler pulling on my leg so i will be back later.

Take care
Are you okay?
My suggestion is get rid of the duromine, I've been on pills like those before and they made my mouth dry and I ended up putting the weight back on.
If you're serious about healthy eating then I can help.
I am on a healthy eating plan, with a company called ditch the diet on facebook. The owner on it had an eating disorder and trained to become a counsellor for that very reason she now has an eating disorder forum where there are many people recovering from eating disorders. She organises eating and exercises plans in a healthy way, and the support on there is wonderful.
I've so far lost 10 kilos in a healthy way and they will help you through.
So I'm new to this forum and new to taking duromine, I'm 30 years old and I've always been unhappy with my weight, but recently decided i needed to become more healthier after watching my dad not being able to walk two blocks ...
So I went to my doctor and they have put me on 30mg of duromine a week ago at the start of this I was 130kgs and I'm 178cm tall I figured I am doing small steps to start to get used to everything and trying to set myself up not to fail...
I have been eating yoghurt for breakfast and chicken salad for lunch and usually having subway for dinner (there low fat menu) and trying to snack on nuts thru out the day
So I decided to jump on the scales on the 7th day and I had actually lost 2kgs!!! I hadn't even noticed it at all!!!
So this week I joined a gym and have got 2 close friends to set up gym dates with me so we can keep each other motivated ...
So far the side effects I've had is the dry mouth (worse the first 2 days seems to be slowing now) I had the tremors as well but I think it's cause I've had so much energy!! I've woken a few times in the night but I think that's cause of the amount of water I now drink...
I'm really hoping that this works I'm looking at 10kgs in 2 months as a realistic goal?!
Anybody have any ideas how I can improve my weight loss???
Hello Kristie!:)
Welcome to our friendly family)
First of all, I would like to say that you did right when decided to change things you didn't like in your life, this time weight.
It does affects the health and life in general, that is a fact. So, doing the first step - starting a diet, therapy, exercises, etc.; is a huge deal that requires patience and will power. I see you have both.
As for the side effects, dry mouth is common; tremors come often too; and the energy is rather a positive effect than an adverse reaction, isn't it?;)
Then. 10kg in 2 months is more than realistic goal - it is achievable. The only thing you should keep in mind - is that once you started, you should stick to your new lifestyle and never step back. It can be difficult at the beginning, but you can get used to it, I know what I'm saying. Was there myself)))
All in all, I see no lacks in your plan, and the fact that you have added gym into your schedule (working out with friends is a good idea and motivation!) makes me calm about your stable results. Most people find it very hard to exercise, especially when their BMI is over 30 and they are just at the beginning of the weight loss path. Unfortunately, you CANNOT get any sufficient weight loss without exercising or other high physical loads, even taking the diet pills. Please note that.
So my usual recommendation for a stable / sufficient weight loss: pills + regular diet (low calorie products eaten 4-5 times a day in small portions at one and the same time daily) + loads of water + exercises (also regular and I mean exercises, not just walking). Also good sleep is needed, but considering that pills might cause some problems with night sleep, I recommend to take them in the morning.

That's it for now, I hope you will find my advise helpful or at least some of the points. Good luck!:laughing:
So just an small update in case anyone is actually readin this...
So two weeks has gone by so far and I have lost 5 kilos I know it's not as much as some other people here but I figure any loss is better then no loss have also started to go to the gym. So far not to bad managed to up the treadmill from 15 minutes to 25 Minutes and I am aiming to do 2 Kms in less then 10 mins as of today I don't it in 13.13 minutes so slow but steady progress considering the first day I couldn't even go 10 minutes on it at all
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Kristie said:
So just an small update in case anyone is actually readin this...
So two weeks has gone by so far and I have lost 5 kilos I know it's not as much as some other people here but I figure any loss is better then no loss have also started to go to the gym. So far not to bad managed to up the treadmill from 15 minutes to 25 Minutes and I am aiming to do 2 Kms in less then 10 mins as of today I don't it in 13.13 minutes so slow but steady progress considering the first day I couldn't even go 10 minutes on it at all
Kristie, let me tell you one important thing.
If you don't mind.

Walking on a treadmill for 15, 25 or even 30 minutes - is not a solution. And it is not good at all for your cardiovascular system, believe me. Of course you couldn't do more than 13. No one can at first. And you should not torture your body right away. Please, don't listen to those, who say the more time you do the treadmill the better. No way. All you will get is exhaustion and dyspnea. And when you will not see the difference in weight after some time, you will be disappointed. What you need for great weight loss - is cutting (fat burn exercises). It is enough to do 5-7 minutes on treadmill (warm up) to launch your metabolism and calorie burn process. Once you did this, you need to move to some strength exercises, because they not only burn calories and fat, but also keep your muscles on place.

Well, I know few people can do the right strength exercises without personal coach, but you can go to group trainings, like zumba, or tai-chi. They combine lots of movements and strength exercises. Plus, these groups usually train for 30 minutes, which is optimal. And you will get set of different movements, necessary for your entire body, instead of just training one zone.

Please, don't think that I'm teaching you. No. I just want to help. Because I tried so many different options when I was in the middle of my weight loss program...

Have a nice day!
Hi Kate
Thanks for replying I gladly any and all help with this journey I am on...
I thought in my first week or so I would take it easy as I haven't exercised at all in years and that is horrifying to think about now as I get up every morning at 630 to go to the gym now and then after work as well I am signed up for personal training session which start next week which I am a bit excited about and nervous as hell as well and the group classes haven't yet started at my gym as it only just opened up on Monday but there are soon to follow so at the moment I'm just plodding along with the treadmill and bike until I can learn what exercised are best for me with my trainer...
I'm still a little lost with it all but hopefully with some help from who ever I can get it from I will get there in the end
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Excellent dear!
I agree with you. Personal training is actually the best thing to start with. So, don't be afraid you will do fine, and your coach will teach everything your body needs. Because they usually examine you at the beginning to see what your body is capable of. So I am sure the loads will be moderate and you will like training after all. Fingers crossed and good luck!
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So it's now the 23 of August and I have completely changed the way I eat and what I eat and the amount of exercise I do! So I got weighed and I am now down to 123.4 kgs slowly but surely the weight is slipping off and it feels great most symptoms I had have now gone and I don't have any cravings for anything sweet at all... I'm enjoying the gym and new classes I'm taking
You're progressing, happy for you, Kristie!
Enjoy the gym classes and new lifestyle!;)
hey all
so been a while since ive updated ( yeah ive been a slacker of recent) so its the 29th of september and i am now down to 115kgs... while the weight has starting slowing down coming off perhaps because im off duromine now but i am still working out 5-6 times a week and have changed my eating habits and i no longer crave sweets or chocolate and people are now starting to notice that ive lost a lot of weight which i feel is good, i know i still have a long way to go but i have continued on with my personal trainer and while every session is a test i love going 3 times a week i highly suggest anyone who is struggling with it get a good personal trainer!!! mine makes such a difference and pushes me to places i didnt think i could ever go with things i would have never attempted by myself

so far 18.4kgs down and counting, i am looking forward to getting under 100kgs but know it is still a little while off but this is the lightest ive been in years and its now the happiest ive been as well
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Well Done Kristie you are inspiring me! Like you I have a lot of weight to loose. I am only on Day 2 and I weigh 115kg. I have issues with my knee so I really need to loose about 30KG MINIMUM. This is an astronomical amout so I am aiming to loose blocks of 10KG .

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.
Kezzamcc said:
Well Done Kristie you are inspiring me! Like you I have a lot of weight to loose. I am only on Day 2 and I weigh 115kg. I have issues with my knee so I really need to loose about 30KG MINIMUM. This is an astronomical amout so I am aiming to loose blocks of 10KG .

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

Hi Kezzamcc

small goals are the key to start with as when i look at how much i needed/need to lose it does overwhelm me( i need to lose at least 40+kgs) , but my advise is just to keep plugging away at it, thats how im getting thru and it seems to be working so far :)
you will have a slightly different path from everyone here ( i found i wasnt losing as much as other as quickly) but it does work esp if you combine it with good hard exercise! i have had issues with my knee ( tore my acl and tendon of the bone) but im not letting anything stop me this time i have found its all in the mind, and it has such a difference for me this time.
i get people almost every day asking me if its worth the discomfort i suffer the next day after my personal training and my answer has been hell yes!!! im becoming a better healthier me how could that not be a good thing? whats a little pain and discomfort now when i know what im aiming for?
and the more i do the easier it becomes and the more i like it, so just keep trying and you will get there good luck!
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So, firstly, i need to correct my opening weight from my intro thread, according to my drs records i was 62.5kg. I dont have scales, so i had to wait til i seen my dr which was today, day 26, and im now 61.5kg.
Only 1kg :(
My dr said it was probably to be expected as i dont have a huge amount to lose, and because im only on 15mg.
Its still disheartening.
So now she has written me a script for 30mg. She tells me i will lose more weight, and it shouldnt be too much of a shock to my body because its had a month to get used to 15mg.
I hope she is right. She told me i can take my last 4 15mg capsules over 2 days if i want, 2 a day, but i wont, i will take them 1 a day as i have been and start on 30mg as of Monday.
My side effects have still been mild, i can live with them, and i hope the change from 15mg to 30mg wont be a bad experience.
She told me it may take a week for my body to get used to the jump in dosage.
So there u have it. I was hoping to have better news, but oh well, whats done is done.
Surely its all uphill from here??
I will try my best to stay positive and hopefully will have better news at my next weigh-in in a month.
Thanks for taking the time to read this anyway.
Hi Lovecat, I am sure you will see better results with the 30 mg. It is quite safe to take two 15 mg capsules as your doctor suggested. Since you do not have bad side effects you should do fine on the higher dosage, and it is great that you take Duromine under the supervision of you doctor. Stay positive and keep to healthy eating plan combined with some exercise and you should see results soon! Please keep us updated:)
Just thought i'd update incase anyone is interested. Second weigh in today: 60.8kg. A loss of 0.7kg. Staying on 30mg for another month to assess the situation.
Just to add, going from 15mg to 30mg wasnt that bad; just thirstier, abit dizzy when getting up quickly, and some sleep interruptions, but i can live with them.
Still cant believe i didnt lose more weight with the higher dose.
Im not ready to give up yet. Will give it another month or two.
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