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Jan 13, 2017
It's your Day 6 on Duromine. You could hold out for almost a week. That's impressive! You move slow and steady towards your final goal.
You already know what to eat on Duromine and how much water to drink. But what about physical activity?

Does Duromine work without exercise? Sometimes yes, but you'd better stay physically active to improve your Duromine progress.
Duromine and exercise may include:
  • gym workouts
  • walking
  • bicycle
  • dancing
  • (even!) house cleaning

To improve your metabolism, you should eat healthily, drink water and be active. Duromine helps you on your way to a new life.
Don't hesitate to ask or share your progress in the 'Duromine Day 6' thread.
Hi, Sharee!

Sleep problems are common, but not like an hour a nighto_O
What I can recommend you is worm milk, or a book; get a fresh air into your bedroom before you go to bed. What else...
Oh, yes! Avoid working on computer and Internet at least an hour before sleep. As for me, I used to fall asleep with some animal or cooking TV shows. Just set timer on TV and go to bed under a warm blanket...
Hope it will help you! Sleep well, darling!
Hi go to the chemist and ask the pharmacist if it is ok to take restavit or something similar. You wont function long on no sleep.
Good Luck
i was 134 kilos when I started I weighed myself yesterday and I am 132 but I used 2 different scales I still get an appetite bit try to have a piece of fruit and I have meat and veg for tea I try to do 15 min at least on the treadmill of a morning if anyone has any tips to help me please tell me I want to loose 40 kilos I hate my weight and have trouble dealing with it everyday
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Hi darl, First thing is Slow and steady wins the race I say.;):)
Are you drinking heaps of water?? I have a saying its
"Drink To Shrink" lol. :laughing:
Water Water Water, It REALLY REALLY does help you with weight loss, It fills you up and stop the dehydration, dry mouth ect, great for your skin and heaps of other things and it will curb your appetite, check the benefits of water out on the net. I think you should stick to just weighing yourself on one scale and weigh yourself approx the same time with the same cloths on or nudie lol if that's how you do it each time.
That just my opinion, it works for me.
The treadmill is great,I hate walking the street's lol That's why I have a treadmill. Walking is the best thing to do I think as far as exercise goes. If you haven't been mobile for a while just start small and walk around your yard a couple of times a day or your house and then in time when you feel like it you can try walking a little faster and more often. and in no time you will be jogging around the yard and you will be able to handle the treadmill even better then before . When I take my boys out ( dogs) for a pee I try and walk and jog and I mean try lol around the yard while they do their thing. any form of walking is great and in no time you will be surprised in your ability to move more. I think there is no need to fork out heaps of money for a gym ect when you can do so many things just at home.. You will be surprised with what you already have at home that can help you with your journey.
Anyway better go.
Best of luck with your journey Cristyheathcote , would love to hear from you.
Cheers Sallie :)
It is day 13 and when I weighed myself I was 129.20 I have lost just over 5 kilo yay thanks for the support
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Well done sweets. Keep it up. Remember, its for life..
Today is day 6 for me. I have been eating well, I haven't devoted an hour or 30 mins to the gym or a walk for exercise I have just been using my energy to clean my house or my car or do those extra jobs at work then I feel like I am not wasting my time I am still keeping physical (and more than usual) and well not even eating less just eating different.. and its been so easy! Id usually snack on a cup cake or a choc coated museli bar now I snack on a piece of water melon or some grapes or an apple. Greek yoghurt rather than 99% fat free yog.. just simple changes! I have lost 4 kg in 5 days today is my 6th and tomorrow is the last day before Tuesday's weigh in day!
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Wow. That went really fast.. it's been 17 days so far and I have lost 7kg. I have been naughty a few times by eating the wrong foods.. but It was hard (even though I'm not hungry) to go cold turkey and give up all the food I have been eating the past 5-6 years.. im feeling ok I get a bit hungry sometimes but I have self control for the most part..
there seems to be a lot of horror stories about the drug and I'm sure it could turn that way if you let it but if you just go your hardest, i have had some side effects like dry mouth and nausea and i dont know if its a side effect but i find myself grinding my teeth.... alot of people say it wrecks your teeth but i make sure i am aware of it and i chew chewing gum :) but anyway you should see results surprisingly fast. I am seeing results on the scale but not so much on my body yet.. in saying that I am still 117kg.. down from 124kg in just over 2 weeks but I am pretty happy with that!!
Hi im on my 17 day also, I dont have any side effect. I even feel in a better mood, very positive. Ive lost about 8 pounds, im very happy. I started with 180 pounds. I eat almost my usual foods that are mostly homemade healthy, but eating much less and not having anxiety for food. That was my main problem. Im looking foward to my goal. 140 pounds.
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Good luck with your weight loss! Its nice to see results on the scale hey :)
Hey there everyone!
The last 3 weeks have gone super fast for me but at the same time, it feels like it's been forever since I've been on here!
Since I started Duromine, I have cut right back on my food intake. I eat what I have to and I can say no! I have been taking it for the last 21 days even though it's day 26.. I got a bit sick and was bed ridden for a couple of days last week so didn't take duro as I had to take other medications. I didn't put any weight on (yay) but I didn't lose any either. (Sigh) but here I go, back on track. This whole month I have done little to no 'exercise' but have been keeping active (at work and at home) in the first week, at one stage I lost 5kg exactly. I ate nothing bad at all..& drank anywhere from 2.5 to 5lts of water a day!.. in the 2nd week, I lost 1 kg.. eating a little more, and a little more un-healthaly & I drank way less water! Lucky to be 1.5 litres! And this last week I have lost 0kg.. but no gain. All up 6kg. In 21 days of taking duro. I notice it on my body now though, little changes make a big difference! My goal for this next week is to exercise at least 30 mins per day and drinking at least 3 lts of water per day. I will be starting tomorrow! Hopefully can lose a couple more kg before I leave for my cruise on Saturday!!
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You are doing well. With the exercises you should also tone up quite nicely. Good luck!
Hey there.
Im kookie and have started on duromine 6 days ago and have lost 2kg.
I dont have much support from my friends or family with being on duromine so I am hoping to get support else where.
I am 25yrs old, married with 2 children. I suffer from depression and anxiety wich makes normal methods of weight loss difficult.
I am hoping that duromine will be the kick start to a healthier me.
Hi Kookie, Welcome to the forum. Oh, and congrats to your 2kg loss. Well done!!:)This forum will really give you all the support that you'll need on your weight loss journey. It certainly has for me. I started duromine on 3 July 2014 and my eating habits has changed drastically to eating healthier. Well, basically my whole lifestyle has changed positively, and I feel so amazing, happy, motivated. Its really a mind over matter thing when it comes to food, remember all of us on this forum knows how you feel and we are here for each other. So if you ever just wanna chat about anything, send me a message....:)
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Thank you so much. I look forward to having the support there when I need it. I am hoping to loose a total of 30kg to get down to around 85/90kg mark. Thats where I was before having my beautiful girls. I want go be fit and healthy so they will see the importance of looking after yourself.
I hope to make some supportive friends here and hope they will last.
You welcome. You will lose the weight. Just be patient and cut out junk food, fried foods, luxuries and soda's and go for a brisk walk if you dont feel like exercising. Like I said I started on the 3 July @ 95kg and on the 24 July I weighed 88kg.... so proud of losing 7kg in my first 3 weeks. I didnt think I could do it.... and Im so motivated to lose more weight because now I know that I can. I like the fact that you wanna show your kids the importance of a healthy lifestyle. One day at a time.......
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