Duromine Day 5

6th day on Duromine and I have been getting really thirsty and struggling to get to sleep . My food isn't go as well as planned , I'm not feeling hungry at all so sometimes I forget to eat . Otherwise no other symptoms as yet . I have my first weigh in on Wednesday so a little nervous :-/ . But I'm going to keep on keeping on . X
It can be hard to eat when you dont have any appetite but its good if you can make yourself, even if its a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit. Make sure you drink heaps, I think I have on average 4ltrs of water a day, on top of other fluids. Good luck on Wednesday with your weigh in, try not to stress too much, expect too much and remember no matter what that its a process. Most importantly remember that you've got this. You're doing awesome! x
So today was weigh in day - I have to be honest I'am a little disappointed about only losing 2kgs . I need to work on my food intake and meal plans as I know I haven't been eating enough . Next week will be a good week
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2 kgs is still 2 kgs!! Well done!! It's just the start remember. Today is a new day and a new little beginning so make the change you need/want to make and take it one day at a time :)
Thanks Kayla ! Yes just looking at meal plans :) how are you doing
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Try not to be disappointed, 2 kilos is 2 kilos you DONT have to lose. Progress!
Not great - and then I ran out of time , so need to knuckle down tonight and try and sort something . I don't want fancy just healthy and not time consuming to make .
It doesn't need to be anything fancy. Just try to incorporate more veggies and lean meats into lunch and dinner. Most people have some form of coral for breakfast or you can even have protein like eggs that's what I do :)
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Hi everyone

I'm a 29 year old female, my starting weight was 124kg.

My doctor prescribed me 40mg for 3 months, and I started taking it on the 20th of September.

First day I took it, I felt fine, but I felt really chatty and skitterish. Someone told me my pupils were enlarged and I felt a little paranoid that people were looking for "changes" in me. I think this made me more nervous when talking to people, so I probably came across a little weird. It pretty much turned me off food straight away, and that night when I was trying to eat my dinner (lite n easy), I just couldn't finish it and left about half.

It was strange because I could hear my stomach rumble, but I didn't have any cravings or any need to eat something. Also a bit of dry mouth today, but nothing that can't be fixed. That night I had a broken sleep, but it wasn't -too- bad.

Second day, I wasn't hungry at all and had to force myself to eat something. Still felt jittery and not myself. That night I couldn't get to sleep until about 1am, and then I woke up at 3am, and eventually fell back to sleep.

Third day, I still wasn't hungry - and if anything, eating food was kind of a turn off. I felt a bit bummed out if I'm honest, really really tired and didn't get out of my pajamas all day. HOWEVER, I slept like a baby that night!

Fourth day, I went to the shops with an overactive 4 year old and it was a mission! I was really tired and still a bit skitterish, I didn't feel that great. I felt like I was a little moody and was quick to snap at my son. Slept like normal again, yay!

Fifth day (today) I feel great! Much more like myself! Although I woke up with a constant pain under my left rib cage so I'm not sure what that's about. It hasn't bothered me too much, though. Maybe I slept funny? Food isn't as much of a turn off today, I don't think. But I'm not craving anything, sometimes I think I feel a little hungry, but not much.

I weighed myself yesterday and it said I was 119k, but that can't be right. There's no way I can lose 5k in under a week! I know a lot would be water, though.


After this lot, I have another 2 repeats. I saw someone say they can't get any more after this, is that true? I have a gigantic amount of weight to lose - I saw online that I should be around 60 kilos for my height. That would mean losing 64 kilos! That's absolutely insane, I'd have to lose more weight then I should actually weigh.
Are you using the same scales as the first weigh in? If you are, the scales don't lie. WELL DONE!

My dr told me they only prescribe for 3 or 4 months but alot of users go back on Duromine in a year or 2 just to lose those extra couple kilos they gain. Hopefully won't need to though.
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Hi, meowmeowbeenz.
I am little worried that your doc prescribed you 40mg straight away! It is the largest dose actually and all the effects you are feeling are predictible. However, if you sleep ok and feel fine, then fine. But you should eat better. I know you finally have no appetite which is great and really helps to minimize caloric value, but your body needs food. So that you don't feel tired, sleepy and weak.

Congrats on your loss - 5 kg is possible, and yes - mostly water at first. Good luck further and be a good girl! :laughing:;)
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Thanks for your reply and encouragement Kate! Is that not normal to prescribe 40mg straight away? It hit me pretty hard, but today I feel a lot more like myself. Although I didn't feel spacey and jittery, I was a bit grumpy today. I snapped myself out of it this afternoon though, and thought of happy things and I managed to cheer myself up immensely! And then I had McDonalds (oops) - a large big mac meal. I even ate all of it, I felt really full afterwards, but it sucks that I could finish it, when two days ago I couldn't even eat half a meal! Is that normal? Hopefully the duromine isn't wearing off!
It's possible to lose that much in the first week. It will slow down and you may feel disappointed, duramine is not a magic pill, your going to have to change your diet, you will have no appetite. You have to eat, you may as well eat clean. The weight will come off. I'm in for the long haul too :)
Sw - 85.5kg 30/10/2014
Cw - 83.4kg 1/11/2014
Gw - 58kgs ??

Age - 22 height - 158cm

1st measurements -

Hips - 112
Breast - 106
Waist - 106
Leg L - 61
Leg R - 61
arm L -35
Arm R - 34
My next measurements will be on the 3/12/2014 monthly.

1st weigh in - 83.0kgs 3/11/2014
Im happy with this weightloss as it only been 5 days.i havent been eating very good these past days as I have had a few parties and what not.i am back on the wagon though and will strive to do better this week.Im feeling a bit tired as my sleep is pretty disrupted from the duromine.im thinking in a few days I will not take a tablet so I can get a better sleep.
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Thought I would throw in an update before my weigh in on monday.

Im a little scared and feeling discouraged and I havent even weighed myself.ive been away up country on a holiday and a I havent been eating right as theres not much food up here and the water makes you sick if your not use to it.i really hope ive lost some thing this week as I dont feel any different.i just cant wait to get back into healthy eating and 6 day exercise routine.
Good luck hun! U can do it :)
I only had my first pill yesterday, and then 1 today. I know its water weight, but already 1.2kg down. I am also 158cm short lol. But my SW was a heavy 99.2. And today 98kg flat. Do u have an instagram account? We can watch each others transformation on there? Xo

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