Duromine Day 3



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Jan 13, 2017
It’s your third day on Duromine. Good on ya!:sun: Continue moving forward to your goal!
Do you still have sleep problems? Some people may experience insomnia on day three. But it’s ok, and there are different ways to improve your sleep.

Do you experience any other adverse reactions, like these ones:
  • nausea
  • chest pain
  • mood swings
  • tiredness or, on the contrary, high in energy

If you take 15 mg, you may not feel any unpleasant effects at all. :)Are you afraid that all your efforts are senseless and you need to increase the dosage?

Find out in these threads:
  • the difference between 15, 30, and 40 mg.
  • difference between Duromine and Phentermine
  • how to sleep on Duromine and many others.

If you lack motivation, find out what other users say about their experience on Duromine.
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I think you're fine. Probably a bit late telling you this but the dosage is probably too high for you and you need something weaker. :)

Have you tried it again since then?

Would you be interested in selling the rest of your script, if your not using it?

They worked well for me but made me very moody, restless nights and constantly had a very dry mouth. They are expensive to huh! Would you be intersted in selling them? If so you can reply to my email, thank you Ellie
Hi there,

I'm a 36 year old man.. 184cm's starting off at a not so great 116kg.

I've struggled with weight most of my life, and have always been "larger"..

In my mid 20's I crept up to around 140kg, but then managed to turn my life around (being single, I made it my sole focus), and got my weight down to around 85 - 90kg. This gave me a wonderful confidence level, however, there were downsides... basically I did it all in a completely unhealthy way in about 6 months...

Anyway, on rolled my 20's, I met my now wife at the back end of them (at around 93kg), and over the last 7 - 8 years the Kg's have crept on... playing the old game of gain 10 loose 5 most of the time... so a massive amount of yo yo dieting...

Around 5 years ago, i was on Xenical for a couple of months, but found it hideous, basically, it massively restricted what could be eaten, and any slight deviation resulted in oil leaking from the back end... not pleasant at all...

Just recently (last 3 years) I've been diagnosed with high BP, and my GP is very conscious that I need to drop some significant weight.. Long and the short of it, i'm now on BP meds, and that is stable, which has opened up the option of Duromine..

This week (wed, 3 days ago) I started on a 15mg dose... So far, i've experienced quite a bit of insomnia, which, given that i'm a crap sleeper at the best of times, is no big deal. The positives are that the massive appetite I have appears to have been suppressed to a certain extent... It's hard to explain, but the desire for food is still there, but the not the physical burning pain that I normally have when trying to cut down portion size etc.

Given my history with potentially unhealthy weight loss, I wanted to start to document some of my progress (or lack of) so I can almost keep a check on myself. (probably sounds a bit crazy right!?!?!)

3 days in.. I've managed to eat nothing but healthy food, and significantly smaller portions that I would normally have. I have cut out all wine and beer (i have 2 small kids and a stressful job, usually the only thing that keeps me sane!), however I do still drink a bit of scotch.

2 weeks ago, i started dieting myself (without the Duromine), but started at 116kg.. Today i'm currently at 112.5kg, so not an insignificant drop..., but i suspect most of that is water retention etc (i've started drinking 2 - 3 litres of water a day)...

One of my concerns at this stage is, that as a "bigger" chap, I'm probably more in need of the 30mg tablets ?(I base that on the fact that there appear to be heaps of people on here that are 70 - 90kg on 30mg etc..) does anyone have any thoughts on that? other than the first day, when I didn't really feel like i was bothered about food...

Been reading through this site over the last couple of days, and have enjoyed what I would consider a significant success rate...

Good to know there are others in the same boat..
Today has been a hard one... Took 15mg at about 7:30am... had a yogurt for breakfast, but then was ravenous until lunch.. Had a chicken Salad for Lunch, and again, the desire for MORE food doesn't appear to have diminished.. Just simply the physical pain feeling that can occur when really hungry.

Just been to the Supermarket to get a bunch of stuff (My wife is also trying to loose a bit of weight, so that makes life a little easier!) and boy that was hard... walking around trying to select only sensible things when I just wanted to chow out on Junk food...

Really thinking I'm probably going to need the 30mg.. Does anyone have any suggestions on how long I should persevere before going to see the doc?
I started with 15mg and went back to the doc after 2weeks as I did not feel 15mg was doing it for me. If you have other illness like high blood pressure or if you are on medication I doubt that your doc will prescribe a higher dose. Good luck
Have decided to go to the doctors after 2 weeks, (if things are still the same) and see if he'll look at reviewing the dosage (again, based on BP etc)...

Last couple of days have gone well in terms of food and excersize, and weighing myself again this morning, I was down to 110.3kg, so pretty pleased with that...

Worried about the back end of this week as I've got to go away for work over the weekend, and I'm not back until monday, so Excersize and eating well is going to be soooo much harder ! :(...
Good Luck Scmnz!
Its always hard when your routine is disrrupted, but just focus on taking the healthier option, even if its not totally healthy. Like salad instead of chips and you should be fine.
Wow... what a crazy few weeks...

So, I did go back to the doctors, and ended up seeing a different doctor, who basically told me the other guy should be struck off for prescribing in the first place, and then decided maybe my weight was due to unhappiness, and prescribed anti depressants (and canned the duromine).. I was open minded, so thought, why not give it a crack...

Well, 2 weeks.. (i kinda ignored the no duromine, as I still had some..) on the anti depressants, and there was NO difference to me (there was allegedly going to be a big impact), so I made an attempt to see the first doctor again..

Long and the short of it, I'm back on Duromine (officially :)) and on 30mg this time.
My wife has also decided to crack on with a diet at the same time, so that really helps, and she's started a programme called "Cohen's Lifestyle", pretty intense, you weigh EVERYTHING, and the allowed list is VERY minimalistic... BUT... the results seem to be working...

As of Friday 3rd Aug, I was 101.9kg, so 14ish KG lost in 6 weeks...

It's getting pretty hard to avoid any alcohol (been 5 weeks now) and eating anything tasty, but the duromine is certainly helping the resistance side of things...

My aim is to TRY to loose 1.5 - 2.0kg per week for the next few weeks. I fully have my doctors support with Duromine until I get down to about 90 ish KG... (which it's been like 8 years since I was anything like that).. so here's hoping! with a bit of luck, i'll be down to 85kg ish..
Hello all!

Today is my third day using duromine (30mg).

Three days ago I decided to see my doctor about my weight issue. Currently sitting at 169cm and a unfortunate 118kg and only 21.

Going into the doctor was amazingly daunting, I felt ashamed that I have let myself get this heavy, but I just never felt as fat as I actually am. I have had a pretty bad diet for a long time, lollies, coke and chips were just to easy to eat a lot of.

I always have been very upset about my weight but never had motivation to change my ways. Until 2 weeks ago when my fiancé started talking about having a baby. It is not fair to bring a child into the world with a mum who is not healthy, due to possible complications and further health issue later in my life.


I made the decision after a lot of conversation with my doctor to completely focus on my weight and life style changes. I need to get to 65-70kg before I will even consider beginning a family.

It is major motivation!!!

Day three of Duromine and I seem to be doing well. I am not too sure how well it has kicked in yet, because I read it can take some time. I have much more energy and am eating smaller portions, sometime I feel hungry but I just block it out. I haven’t had any side effects yet, sleeping like normal and everything else.

I have not had any caffeine (coke, energy drinks or coffee) or bad food. I must say I feel so much better than what I normally do.

I have one question:

My doctor put me on a program living lite, counting calories pretty much, and gave me a recipe book, i have read a lot in here about not eating carbs and most the meals in this book have carbs in them should I continue eating them????? HELP I don’t want to get this wrong!!

Lovely to be in this together
Hey Lisha

Great to hear things are going great. I was lucky like yourself and had no real bad side effects. I had my weigh in today and I have lost 3.3 kilograms. I was so happy with that result.

I am not sure what your doctor has told you but myself I am trying to be as realistic with things as I can whilst using duromine. Meaning that I am not eliminating everything out of my diet. Of course fatty foods are gone. I just think once the journey with duromine is over you have to be able to maintain the weight you have lost. Food chose changes, more protein and portion size is the key. And for me cutting out carbs altogether in my life is not sustainable. So my suggestion would be each food group in moderation. There is nothing like vegemite on toast for brekky. I would die if I had to eat porridge every morning for the rest of my life.

It sounds like the program the doctor has given you contains all food groups so that gives you an idea how to use all food groups and still loose weight.

I hope all of that makes sense. Some people may not agree with my comments but this is just my point of view.

All the best and I look forward to reading your posts on your progress. ;)
Thanks :) I have decided to have my carbs breakfast and lunch but not at dinner easy to maintain.

I had my first weigh in today I lost 3.4kg, yay!
As mumofthree said, you need to be realistic. There is no way I could gut all the bad things from my diet and then stick to it after coming off Duromine.

I'm keeping it real, my way.

Good luck with your journey.

With everything, its in moderation. There is so much information out there about what we should and should not be eating. Don't cut out absolutely everything or otherwise you may not enjoy food ever again.

Reduce food portions, think about what time you eat and explore other meal options. The weekly magazines (like Take 5, That's Life etc) sometimes have new recipe ideas...
Hi Lisha, Im a new member here too. I just started Duromine today. Great loss :) Thats fabulous, good luck on your journey :)
Hi all
I started duromine 30mg on 8/11/12. So far I've had 2 nights where I sleep solid for 4hours, then I wake up buzzing. I have taken Valium to make me go back to sleep, but I don't want this to be a habit every night as I only use Valium for when i travel.
I was full of energy day 1& 2 but today, day 3 I feel foggy and I'm stressing that tonight will be another sleepless night.
Not really hungry, have still continued to make bad food choices but smaller portions which I guess is a start. Drinking loads of water.

Just wondering if I will ever sleep a full night again? Does this random sleeplessness pass?
Love to compare journeys with people.
what time are u taking ur duramine ? take mine at 5.30 am and go back to sleep for an hour. try to exercise every night and drink water , water , water. try and have fruit before u have bad food, ur probably find u will be full and not want the bad choice.

good luck :)
I'm taking the tablet at 7am with some toast followed by an apple an up and go drink.
Is it ok to have it at 5:30am without food? The pharmacist was insistent I must eat with the tablet first thing.
A friend just brought around a McDonald's choc sundae and I had 2 mouthfuls and the craving was satisfied.
Thanks for the tips! I'm just very nervous as dont want to mess with my body too much :cool:
Interesting, im on the 15mg and have been for just over 4 weeks and wasn't told you had to eat when you take the tablet .....does everyone else eat at the time they take the tablet? Or maybe its only like this for the stronger doses (30/40mg)

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