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Jan 13, 2017
Today is your first "Duromine" day. Your journey has just begun, and you are so excited! :sun:

  • When to take your first capsule?
  • What adverse reactions may you experience?
  • What changes may happen to your body?
  • What to eat?
  • How much water to drink?
  • When does Duromine start working?
  • Oh, yay, so many questions, right?

You may feel a fantastic boost of energy. :bomb:But it's pretty standard if you don't feel anything today. It's only the first day of your weight loss journey. However, don't panic if you have insomnia, dry mouth, headache, or other pain. Your body starts working differently, and you can't know how it can react.
You will learn all this and much more in the "Duromine Day 1" thread.

Real Duromine users write these threads. These people have started their weight loss process like you did and faced different issues on Day one. You are not alone in this journey.
Hi, Jessiejane,
Nice to see you here. I cross my fingers for your success. :)
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Hello, Jessiejane,
Very welcome to our forum where everyone understands anyone’s problems.
You may ask here any questions you have.
Congratulations with your start, I’m sure everything will be fine. :)

I’m not quite a fan of protein diet. Just calculating calories and see it’s huge. How to lose weight consuming so much protein calories?
What exactly the doctor has advised? What kind of protein? Meat? Eggs? Cheese?

I can advise substitute one day protein portion for avocado- it is high protein and good for any diet. Cheese- parmesan only one low fat type, the rest have 70% fat.

anyway, take care and everything gonna be allright :)
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Hi Kate

With regards to a high protein diet, you will find that protein uses 30% of it's own total calories just to digest. I also don't only eat protein, just protein (eggs, meat, fish, dairy, poultry) and veg and fruit (and limit processed carbohydrates to an absolute minimum as I seem to be very carb sensitive). :laughing: Cheese is generally kept to a minimum too unless I can get Woolies 70% low fat cheese.

I really don't believe in calorie counting as then you could argue that having an ice cream or chocolate every day is fine, as long as it fits in with your recommended calories (I know that those who follow it properly don't do this, but others will use any excuse). It might be plausible and I would give it a try, but in South Africa, they don't give you the calorie information on labels, only kilojoules. Fine, you could work it out, but that is just too finicky to carry on using for the long term.:) The point is to eat quality food and in the right portions.

I have been progressing very well so far with Duromine. I lost 3kg in the first week and 1kg last week. I find that I have no problems sleeping and that it gives me an added boost for my gym sessions (and I need that for the spinning classes) I have been feeling light headed recently, but I attribute that more to the 30 degree celcius average that we are experiencing :eek:

Thanks so much for being on the forum regularly! It's nice to see someone who has the experience giving advice to others :)
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Hi, Jessiejane,
It’s great that you've lost 4 kgs.:)
I want to express my respect that you are going to gym. Well-done!!
Because diet pills alone work not so efficiently.

It’s nice to see that you keeping posting about your results.

Yes, you are right, protein is self-digested, veg and fruits are ours. Except bananas, by the way. One is enough per day. Bananas and grape are great but not while on diet.
Do you eat avocado? It’s pure protein, very useful :)
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I absolutely adore avocado :) I like to use it in my salads and used to love putting it on toast except I can't have toast anymore. Not much of a banana or grape fan anyway. I like my strawberries, oranges, naartjies and kiwis.

I have been using a meal replacement shake for breakfast and lunch whilst at work and I eat a normal meal in the evening (before 7pm). I do get worried that I may be slowing down my metabolism by drinking these shakes instead of eating. What do you think? Should I maybe limit it to one meal replaced with the shake?
Hi All.

I was very bad last week and didn't go to gym! But for some strange reason, it got me out of the weight loss rut and I dropped a further 2 kg. That brings it to a total of 6 kg in one months supply of 15mg duromine. I must make an appointment to get some more cuz it's the holidays and I don't want to tempt fate :)

Happy Holidays to everyone!
Hi, Jessiejane,
2 kg for a week, cool:)
As I know better to buy a pack for 3 months- cheaper than three times x one pack for 1 month
You ask the price for both kits

Good luck to you:)
Hi, Jessiejane,
So sad to know that you were not ok last week:(
But your result is impressive, welldone:) So, what to do
Yes, holiday food is always dangerous, better prevent any our irresistible desire eat all this stuff
I’m sure that diet pills help in it
Keep posting your results or efforts:)
Hi, Jessiejane,
I’ve missed your previous message:eek:
I know that the best way to improve metabolism – have vegetables like cabbage and cucumbers, yogurt, and the whole grain bread as well as cereals. But in my opinion one full meal that you have at home is ok (it is hot meal, isn’t it?:rolleyes:), no reason to worry about
Anyway for a change you can have veg salad at work sometimes
hie jessie jane im roonie from p.e i wanted to knw were can i get them and how much do they cost
Hi everyone, I finally got Duromine 15mg prescribed. I am so excited to start tomorrow 22/10/2011. Being overweight most of my life is going to change. I am currently 90kg and hoping to drop to 65kg. I'll be posting regulary on my progress and side effects if any.HAppy weight loss everyone till next time keep on going!!!
Good luck, I am in the same boat as you. On my second day of Duramine! It felt awful yesterday, I had a terrible headache, extremely cold and tired, but I wasn't even slightly hungry! Today is much better!
Well guys i was 81kg and in one month taking duromine 15mg i lost 10kg i had the dry mouth effect so i drink alot of water i notice that when you drink sodas or coffee you can't fall asleep. It's been a month with out any soft drink in the morning around 9:30 am i take my pill with cereal or fruits. Lunch i eat a very small portion of food for tea i eat some fruits or half veggie sandwich. Every 15 days i go to the doctor to check i went to the doc wednesday he told me that i needed to start joing and aerobics class to toned my body the clothes that didn't fit before fit perfectly not even tight and the clothes that fited good now is very beggy. Well i am on the second month am actually taking three pills a day the duromine in the morning the orlistat 120mg at lunch and tea the doctor says that the orlistat is good because it doesnt allow the body to absorb the fat on the meals. Well monday am starting my aerobic class am happy because i feel like the old me not like am trap on a body that doesnt belong to me after i finish my treatment i will make sure i eat the same amount of food and exercise more
it always happen the first week you will feel those side effects but your body will get use to it and if not you will probably have to go on the lowest duromine which is the 15mg.
Hi happy
I also just started with 30mg 21/10/2011 i am 85kg hoping to be 65kg so sick of being overweight looking forward to seeing mine and everyones results
Hi guys thanks for your replies. I am on my third day, I must say I was worried about the side effects but other than a slightly dry mouth I dont have the rest. Its a good thing cos I'm drinking alot more water. Everyone is different and probably react differently to meds, so dont let others scare you. I am still eating but not as much. I do have a suppressed appetite, but do feel a little hungry at times, but try to hold back. I hope this is not a negative sign. I'm a bit scared and keep asking myself "what if it does not work" I'm planning to start walking after work for about half and hour and try some Zumba the next half hour. Ok guys I need to get back to work, keep your feedback coming. Will chat soon.
Lotsa love, stay
Hi guys its day 4 and everything going well.I cant wait for Saturday to weigh in. Will let you all know how I did. But still have a dry mouth and drinking lots of water :) which is a good thing.

hey guys pleased to have found this site...
i am 5"10 and 83kg and got prescribed 30mg this afternoon and i am EXCSTATIC!
i cant wait to start tomororow.... its good to c other people losing weight in my weight range its getting me way more motivated! ill keep you updateted xxxxoxoxo
Hi guys its day 5 and I'm noticing that I'm feeling lighter havent weighed in yet. Will do on Saturday. Only problem I seem to be having other than a dry mouth is runny tummy during the course of the day, it kind of started yesterday (day 4). Is anyone else having this? My appetite is dying of slowly I noticed I feel hungry but as soon as I have a bite or two of what ever I'm eating, I feel satisfied and full. For me this is a postive change cos before I could never have enough and eat and eat till I found it hard to take a deep breath. Ok time for me to get back to work.

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