1st Mini Goal Reached! (Progress Photos Included)



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Aug 19, 2014
Hello everyone, so let's just say that the past 4 weeks has been a struggle.

As someone who suffered from anorexia in the past, and then developed a binge eating disorder, losing weight the healthy way has been unimaginable. But, weighing in at my highest weight ever of 122.2kg made me click and see and feel the damage that's being done to me due to my heavy size. I binge watched supersize vs superskinny to motivate me, and finally, I went to my doctor and requested to go on duromine.

Now the hardest part for me was to not eat when I'm feeling emotional/craving a binge, and also to calorie count 100%, as calorie counting is what led to my anorexia.

I'll be honest, in the past four weeks I have not been 100% honest with myself. In the last week I did mess up quite a few times due to my anxiety disorder being at a peak, and attending university full time does not help it. However, all is good now as the university want me to go on a disability access plan so that I can be excused from tutorials if I feel a panic attack coming on. This helped me as I no longer feel that I need to suppress my anxiety and hide it from everyone; as it is not something to be shamed of.

I'm 100% back on track today and am back to calorie counting EVERYTHING, and only aiming for 1,200 calories a day and going to the gym 3x a week.

So in total, since beginning duromine on the 18th of August, I have lost: 7.2kg

Starting weight: 122.2kg
Current weight: 115.0kg [my first mini goal weight!]
Height: 163cm

Next mini goal weight is 110kg.

As my reward for reaching my first mini goal weight, I am allowing myself to buy 1 packet of tea from T2 (aka the best tea store in adelaide)

And here are the progress photos (note: the photos where i am wearing black underwear is when I first started duromine at 122.2kg, and the blue underwear is me now at 115kg)


I feel like I can see a few slight differences between the before and now picture (before being the image of me on the left). Please tell me anything you notice that's different/improved!
Hi, Emmashae!
Welcome and wish you luck and so so much strength to go through this hard journey!
Yes, I can see the difference between your before / now pics, too. Especially in the face ;) and your arms. That's what I see. You did a great job and I believe you can do it! Go girl!
Yes, I too can see a difference. You'd be able to tell better if you stood up nice and straight (sorry don't mean to sound like your mother). But good posture makes you look leaner.
I'm in Adelaide too, great to see someone else from here :laughing::cool:
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So glad I have stumbled across your story as mine is very similar. I to had a eating disorder. I was hospitalized in my mid teens. Funny how I have gone from one extreme to the other. I have tipped the scales at nearly 130kg.

There is totally a difference in your photos. Your belly is much flatter.

How long have you been using duromine for and how much have you lost (if you don't mind me asking) ?

I have just started and still keep telling myself it want work but excited at the fact it might
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