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Rainforest Kazza

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Oct 25, 2023
New to the forum and reaching out for information and/or advice on anyone who may have similar problems. I am desperate to lose weight before an upcoming total hip replacement. I'm only 54 years old, 160cm and weigh 78kgs (I was 65kgs 18 months ago).

I'm looking at taking Ozempic to at least start losing weight before my hip surgery (Which still is 3-6 months away thanks to the health system delays) and once I have the surgery, continue Ozempic until I have stabilised my weight loss and I can get back into exercising.

Currently peri-menopausal and my hip condition means I am unable to do any cardio exercise. Even just trying to stand from a sitting position is a struggle for me so a brisk walk is impossible, and static exercising is doing very little.

The weight is just piling on even though I am vegetarian and restrict any treats. Honestly, I'm putting on weight drinking water and eating bloody vegetables only! I know that the total lack of exercise isn't helping and being right in the middle of menopause is an uphill battle but am I alone in this dilemma?

My lovely supporting partner is wonderful but I feel so frumpy and depressed. He tells me that once the hip replacement is done the weight will fall off me but I'm not sure.

Anyone out there is a similar position or is currently on a course of Ozempic and can provide some feedback?
Hi dear @Rainforest Kazza,

Thank you for sharing your story!

The main rule of any weight loss is to consume fewer calories than your body can burn during the day. Thus, the lack of calorie intake leads to weight loss. The drugs help us to control our appetite, sugar level, etc. If you have never tried any weight loss drug, I suggest starting with Duromine. It's always in stock available while Ozempic appears and disappears. It will hurt you if you start your Ozempic treatment and then face an Ozempic shortage. Your mental health is critical during the whole weight loss journey! By the way, Duromine works pretty well.

I also suggest you visit an endocrinologist to check the situation with hormones.

I wish you a successful weight loss journey! :heart:
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