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Nov 8, 2013
Hi Ladies.

I trust everyone is doing well. Its has been a month since I last participated in here and I must say I miss you guys tons.

Just to take you back a little bit..I started duromine mid November until mid December. My starting weight was between 74 and 76KGs. The first few weeks were not the easiest as I suffered from major side effects which one of them that affected me badly was constipation :(:(:(. I had to be admitted in hospital at one point because I couldn't pass out bowels at all for 8 days and had severe abdominal pains. I have to be honest, the whole constipation started the moment I decided to STOP EATING AND DRINKING because I wasn't hungry or thirsty at all. The only thing I ate was muesli and yoghurt just for breakfast. No matter how much I tried to force food down my mouth I just couldn't, sometimes I would even puke :rolleyes:.

Ok so after all the trouble I went through, one full month later my weight dropped by 10.2KGs and I went down to size 34 from 38 :);). I am so happy that I lost weight but the thought of what I had to go through makes my heart bleed. I suffered so much pain because I didn't follow a healthy eating plan. I was supposed to visit my doctor last week for a second course of duromines but Im a bit reluctant after my last experience. I go to gym every morning with my fiancé to do cardio and my energy level is soooo amazing. Even though my appetite is now back I plan to keep it healthy.

Thanks DUROMINE I am now preparing for my engagement party and bought a very sexy dress and I look super smashing in it :p:laughing:.
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Great Palsah!!:laughing::laughing::)
I'm very happy for you! Despite constipation problems and others, you still managed to lose quite amount! However, you made me worry by saying that you didn't follow a healthy eating plano_O
Especially if you go to gym every day. But it's good that you realize your slip-ups and now you're on the right way!
I wish you good holidays and great great weight loss!

Stay healthy, darling!:):):)
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Very motivating Well done Pulsah:)

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