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I'm currently on day 3 of my first time using Duromine. Day 1 was great, loads of energy even when suffering a head cold. Day 2, only gor 4 hours sleep which left my head tired but I keept going, did have a headache for most of the afternoon. Today, day 3, slept well and feel so much better, still have a cold though and can't take cold and flu tablets.


Hi Pippi! Welcome to the forum and into this Duromine community! Sounds like you are going through a rather common set of side effects. Hopefully you will feel better with each coming day. And yes, if you are to take cold and flu pills, you should be off Duromine while you take them.
How did the weekend go?

Do you have any eating/exercising plan?
First week weigh in and I've lost 3kg . I have lots more energy and smash my 1 hour power walk each morning. I have to remind myself to eat as don't feel hungry until dinner which is a small meal as I get full quickly.
Hopefully the weight continues to come off.
Wow wow wow! Congrats on a great result, Pipi! Very happy for you that Duromine helps you both lower your food intake and exercise actively. However, if right now you only have one small dinner, your weight loss might stop very soon. So you need to review your nutrition soon. I know that Duromine suppresses your appetite. I remember how hard it was for me to make myself eat at least anything, but slow and steady wins the race. Let your body “work with food” all day long. Even a couple of tablespoons of porridge in the morning, two bites of chicken breast and two tablespoons of salad for lunch and a couple of nuts or half an egg for snacks will help you develop a healthy eating pattern and not send your body into starvation mode, which eventually will make you gain weight.

In about a week, I would suggest you to add something to your training. You need to add something different every couple of weeks, so that your body keeps getting new loads and the weight loss process continues at a good pace. Best of luck and keep smashing it, Pippi!

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