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Hi All

I'm Sarah, mother of 4 beautiful children :)
I've been big all my life, but after all these kids, I've just become huge, no jokes.

Anyway, I've been exercising since April this year, lost 4kg in the first month on my own, I lazed out in May, June I decided to get a personal trainer.
Did that and lost the additional 5kg's not what I was hoping for though, so I decided to go at it on my own again, so when I tell my personal trainer i wont be able to continue with him, he talks rubbish and says, "I wont be able to lose weight on my own, because he put me on a special program blah blah blah" my goodness, the nerve, and to think that I only lost 1kg more than what I did on my own, the previous month, gosh!!

What he did not know though was that, that speech he gave me, motivated me more than anything. I went online and stumbled onto the duromine forum, I went through the posts and read more about, next thing I'm at the doctor requesting duromine.

I've been on it since Saturday, I've been feeling upbeat and very enthusiastic, no side effects whatsoever.
I have not done a weigh in since my last gym session last week, so I'm really looking forward to today's weigh in as it is the start of the week and all.

So here are my number so far:
SW: 135kg
CW: 135kg - pending weigh in..
GW: 90 kg

I'm hopeful and doing my +-1400 calorie diet and hoping for the best.


Hey Sarah - how did the weigh in go? And how has your last week been? I'm another newbie.

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