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Set up my diary with stats that I will record: basics: food, water, movement; weight and measurements.
got up at 5.55am and stayed up. D30 check.
Cleaned for two hours and did 50 kitchen sink assisted squats: really felt it in my legs.
I don't do any exercise at all - working from home, and sit at a desk, all day every day. so any increase in movement for me is huge.
I feel like I have a helping hand through this and that has been motivation in itself.
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Hi Mrs_nik,

Congratulations on starting your personal weight loss journal! You're in the right place with the best supporting weight loss community!!
Wow, 50 squats can be a real challenge if you're not a gym member :grinning: So, I completely understand you.:innocent:
How do you feel on Duromine 30 mg?

Could you share your personal plan? Do you follow a diet now? What are your goals?
Good luck as you begin your journey Mrs_nik!
Working out at home and building up a little bit each day is a smart way to go to avoid injury and stay consistent :blush:

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