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I’m 26 years old and have always been so self conscious of my body image. Not being skinny enough or pretty enough is something I’ve struggled with since high school and comparing myself to my friends.

At the end of 2021 my best friend and I started our ‘gym era’ and I was absolutely obsessed with going and getting fit and putting effort into my beauty as well. Unfortunately January ‘22 after a wild NYE and a trip the chemist the next morning I had a positive pregnancy test!
Fast forward I’m not 7 months PP with a beautiful daughter who I love more than life itself. But, my reflection I can’t stand! I’m 10 kilos heavier than I was before pregnancy and it’s haunting me! I feel sooooo ugly and fat!

This week I’ve absolutely had enough! I’ve known about Duromine through friends and family and I did some research online because I’ve heard how hard it is to get unless you’re classified as ‘obese’. I was tracking my BMI and was in the ‘overweight’ category so I was so stressed my GP would turn me away however I booked the appointment because you’ll never know unless you ask right?
Turns out it was fine! I explained how frustrated I was not being able to move the weight no matter how hard I tried (I do go to the gym when I can).

So got my script, ordered some unique muscle fit tea to help with water intake (I struggle to drink water, only Pepsi max) and it’s off to the gym a bit more!


Dear @priv_burgo,
Thank you for sharing your story with us! :heart:
Remember that you will be the most beautiful for your daughter no matter how many kilos you have! But it would be best if you understood that now you are responsible for two hearts at least. Thus, you must take care that your daughter has a healthy mom.
Pepsi max is not the best choice haha o_O
Please keep us updated on your journey! Fingers crossed!

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